Brig. Gen. Albion Knight Will Be Greatly Missed

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We at TCC mourn the passing of a true Patriot, Brigadier General Albion W. Knight. I remember with great pride traveling the country participating in state gatherings featuring Gen. Knight as the keynote speaker in opposition to the Salt II Treaties. Gen. Knight was passionate in his desire to preserve the USA as a free and militarily superior country. The loss of his passion and service to his country will leave a great void.


Just Who Was Big Labor Helping?

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If you read liberal columnists, bloggers, etc., you have surely seen them lamenting Big Labor’s loss of members and power since the 1950′s. According to them, it was Big Labor that created and sustained the middle class.

However, Robert Samuelson’s column yesterday included some figures that contradict those assumptions. In 1950, labor received 59% of the National Income in wages and fringe benefits, while business profits were 32%. By 2011, after decades of decline by Big Labor, labor’s share had risen to 62% while profits were down to 30%.


What the Washington Post Did Not Mention

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It’s a good thing that the Washington Post puts the full results of its polls on its website since it allows us to see what got left out of the story they published.
Today’s article highlights that Obama leads Romney by three points (among registered, not likely, voters). If one reads deep into the article, on page 2, one finds mention that Obama’s approval rating is negative (47% approve, 49% disapprove), but this is immediately compared to the similar 2004 approval rating of President Bush (47% approve, 50% disapprove). An equally important comparison, never mentioned in the article, comes from looking at Obama’s approval rating in the Washington Post poll a few days before the 2010 election. The Post showed Obama with a positive approval rating, 50% to 45%, so voter approval of Obama is actually lower now than it was just before liberals experienced major losses at the polls.
Obama has also suffered when it comes to his handling of the economy. In 2010, voters disapproved by 44% to 54%. Now the disapproval is 42% to 55%.
No wonder James Carville is warning his fellow liberals that even Mitt Romney might be able to beat Obama.


The Tea Party Is Very Much Alive!

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Leftist media have encouraged the belief that the Tea Party movement has been in decline since the 2010 elections.  Last month’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, despite a sample that tilted to the left, proves just the opposite. 

 Positive views of the Tea Party, which were at 30% in November 2010, are still at 27%.  In contrast, positive views of the Occupy movement are down to 25%.

 Even more important was the response to a question that asked whether the Tea Party movement (defined as “protesting against taxes and for the reduction of government spending and the federal debt”) still serves “a vital and useful purpose”.  Respondents said yes by a margin of 49-43%.  (The verdict on the Occupy movement was negative by 39-51%.)

 It’s nearly certain that support for the Tea Party is even greater than the poll indicates, since poll appears to include too many Democrats and liberals.  Respondents said they hoped for the election of a Democratic-controlled Congress, preferring Democrats to Republicans by 46-44%.  That is exactly what the same pollsters were told in October, 2010, just before the Republican landslide.


Does Obama Have a Plan to Balance the Budget?

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Dana Milbank, in the May 17WashingtonPost, takes Sen. Rand Paul to task for saying that Obama’s proposed budget would never eliminate the deficit.  According to Milbank, this is simply because the budget only covers the next ten years, implying that Obama puts the deficit on a path to eventual extinction.

Here are the deficits proposed by Obama.  See for yourself if the budget is on its way to being balanced.

Year    Deficit in billions

2013    901

2014    668  

2015    610

2016    649

2017    612

2018    575

2019    626

2020    658

2021    681

2022    704


Obama’s proposed budgets have the deficit declining to around $600 billion, then increasing in each of the last four years.  There is no sign whatsoever of an approach to a balanced budget.

 If you wish to read Milbank’s entire column, click below.



Peter J. Thomas, one of the founders of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) in 1974, takes over today as the organization’s new Chairman. He has a long history of activity in conservative politics, and as a political appointee in Republican administrations going back to Ronald Reagan. Thomas replaces Howard Phillips, who retired late last year.

Thomas thanked Howard Phillips for his many years of service to TCC and for his unwavering support of Conservative issues. Thomas went on to say his goal as Chairman is to restore the Caucus as a grass roots lobbing force in the congressional districts as well as on Capitol Hill.

Thomas served as TCC’s National Field Director from 1975-1981, seeking to establish a grass roots network in each state and congressional district. He played a key role in organizing citizen opposition to the Panama Canal Treaties, the SALT II Treaty, and the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would have given the District of Columbia voting representation in Congress. He later founded and served as President of the Massachusetts Foundation for Economic Research.

President Reagan appointed him as the New England Regional Administrator of the General Services Administration in 1981, a position he held until 1985. Thomas returned to the Federal government in 1990, working in the Small Business Administration for two years. He gained first-hand experience with Congress as Chief of Staff to Rep. Peter Torkildsen (R-MA) from 1995-1997. He later served President George W. Bush in the Department of Agriculture, rising to the position of Acting Assistant Secretary for Administration.

The new TCC Chairman also has an extensive background in the business sector, leading the consulting firm of Bay State Strategies since 1997. Earlier he spent four years as Director of Public Affairs for Papa Gino’s of America, a restaurant chain.

The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is a grass roots public policy action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, and persuading the U.S. House of Representatives impeach President Clinton.