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If RINO Republicans join Democrats and vote against it, it will be more difficult to actually repeal it in January.

Some conservative Democrats may also vote for repeal if they hear from many constituents, so don’t just call Republicans.

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Who Got To Chief Justice John Roberts?

On July 3, 2012, in Uncategorized, by consinfo_user

In the wake of increasing evidence that Roberts initially cast his vote to overturn ObamaCare but then switched it, it would be valuable to know who ‘got to him.’ Who persuaded or threatened him to completely reverse his original and more Constitutionally-correct judgment?

One answer might be the President himself, but we may never know the facts of why Roberts switched his vote and handed the Obama administration a near-complete victory; one certain to spawn a myriad of similar mandates and punitive taxes over coming years and decades.

Some have speculated he is looking to his ‘legacy,’ that he doesn’t want to be seen as a partisan leader of the court. That he might be more concerned with his image in the liberal media than upholding the original intent of the Constitution.

What we do know is that the Court is less independent than we imagined, and that decisions may be based more on the prevailing winds of the liberal establishment and media reactions than the language and intent of the Constitution.

If Robert’s vote could be switched, why should we not expect it to happen again? Indeed, was the Arizona illegal immigration decision similarly influenced by pressure on Roberts?

Sadly, influencing the decisions of the Supreme Court is not unthinkable. President Buchanan is known to have influenced Justice Robert Grier to make the Dred Scott decision even more expansive. (http://www.history.com/topics/dred-scott-case). We must demand the Court be off limits for those who wish to pervert justice.

It is true that parts of the decision may be of benefit in limiting Commerce Clause abuses, and Justice Roberts does in his opinion call for voters and Congress to change bad legislation, so the decision is not a complete loss for conservatives; and the election instantly has become a referendum on repealing ObamaCare. Perhaps this was Roberts’ intent. Either way, the troubling evidence of influence is disturbing and must never happen again.

How should Americans who cherish the Constitution respond?

Should we ask Roberts to resign? Certainly not during the Obama administration where he would be replaced by a hard core leftist. It may be that the firestorm of protest following his switch may help pull him back towards original intent in future cases.

Should we call for Robert’s impeachment? For many reasons, no. It would be virtually impossible to get a GOP House interested in even opposing a GOP-nominated Justice in an election year, the Senate would take no action; and again, a replacement would be nominated by President Obama.

Should citizens express their outrage at this apparently influenced decision on blogs, social media, letters to the editor and radio shows? Most certainly, and publicly call for him to never trade his vote for any reason.

You could also send Roberts news clippings of how liberals are gloating about how they got Roberts to cave in and hand them their victory.

Public outrage may help counter some of the pressure Roberts receives from the White House and other sources, and show him that his image is not entirely shaped and reflected in the headlines of the liberal media.