Does Obama Have a Plan to Balance the Budget?

On May 18, 2012, in Uncategorized, by consinfo_user

Dana Milbank, in the May 17WashingtonPost, takes Sen. Rand Paul to task for saying that Obama’s proposed budget would never eliminate the deficit.  According to Milbank, this is simply because the budget only covers the next ten years, implying that Obama puts the deficit on a path to eventual extinction.

Here are the deficits proposed by Obama.  See for yourself if the budget is on its way to being balanced.

Year    Deficit in billions

2013    901

2014    668  

2015    610

2016    649

2017    612

2018    575

2019    626

2020    658

2021    681

2022    704


Obama’s proposed budgets have the deficit declining to around $600 billion, then increasing in each of the last four years.  There is no sign whatsoever of an approach to a balanced budget.

 If you wish to read Milbank’s entire column, click below.



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