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The 2012 Political Events Calendar

Got a political related event we should list? Tea Party rally? Town Hall meeting? Conference? Let us know. Scheduling an event?–Check here for conflicting events first. For strictly fundraising events, banquets, cruises; or for enhanced listings, please contact us for promotional opportunities. This page is #1 on Google.

To Be Announced: Special elections, campaign events, debates, meetings, Tea Party events, town hall meetings, rallies, training conferences, lectures, global summits, protests, conventions, pro-life events, historic anniversaries, key international elections and events, and much more.

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  • TBA  Campaign events, rallies, etc.

  • Possible Obama trips to foreign countries.

  • This year: Many events and re-enactments to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

  • January-February: Many “state of the state” addresses by governors.

  • TBA  Special election to fill Gabrielle Gifford’s seat.

  • Possible special elections.

    January 2012


  • January 3  Iowa Caucuses.

  • January 11  New Hampshire Primary

  • January 11-14  The 2012 RNC Winter Meeting will be held in New Orleans, at the Hyatt Regency

  • January 12  100th Anniversary of Taiwan, the Republic of China.

  • January 14  Presidential Election in Taiwan.

  • January 16  GOP Debate in South Carolina.

  • January 17  Congress convenes.

  • January 19  GOP debate in south Carolina

  • January 20  Third anniversary of Obama presidency-please help TCC STOP Obama’s socialist agenda and repeal Obamacare. Yes we can!

  • January 21  South Carolina Primary

  • January 22  Students for Life National Convention, Washington, DC. This event is held the day before the March For Life.

  • January 22  The Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference will be held at Georgetown University.

  • January 23  GOP debate in Tampa Florida.

  • January 23  Attend the March for Life in Washington, DC. Join with 500,000+ people!  Walk in the March and attend the pro-life convention. Related events at their website.

  • Many local march for life events are held around the country.

  • January 24  Obama’s State of the Union speech. (scheduled date)

  • January 26  GOP debate in Florida.

  • January 22-29  Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos Klosters, Switzerland. (one of the one-world organizations).

  • January 28-31 The National Association of Secretaries of State hold their Winter Conference at the Mayflower Hotel, (ACORN & George Soros helped elect/appoint radical secretaries of state to help ignore voter fraud) Info.

  • January ?  Annual Alfalfa Club Dinner is held in Washington DC. This is an elitist club and the dinner and its jokes are closed to the media. The President often attends.

  • January 30  Rally for Marriage and Family by TFP Student Action, State House, Annapolis, MD, 6:00-8:00 PM Info.

  • January 31  Florida primary.

  • January 31  Special election in Oregon’s 1st Congressional district (Rep. David Wu resigned).

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    February 2012


  • February 1  National Freedom Day.

  • February 2  National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC. President Obama might speak.

  • February 4  Nevada Caucus, Maine Caucus begins.

  • February 4  Russian anti-Putin mass demonstrations planned by the For Fair Elections movement.

  • February 5  Superbowl XLVI – Not the day to hold a political event!

  • February 6  101th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.

  • February 7  Colorado and Minnesota Caucuses.

  • February 8  Is Government the Problem or the Solution? A debate by the Ayn Rand Center at George Mason U., Arlington campus 8:00 p.m. Will be livestreamed at

  • February 8  The Washington Press Club Foundation’s annual Congressional Dinner Info.

  • February 9-11  The major CPAC conference will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC

  • February 11  Maine Caucus ends.

  • February 11  Possible pro-freedom demonstrations in Iran — perhaps this will be the year for freedom in Iran!

  • February 11  Constitution Party of Pennsylvania holds their State Convention at the Park Inn (Harrisburg West) Hotel, 5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA.

  • February 12  Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention, Hilton Arlington, 950 N. Stafford Street, Arlington. Info 866-752-5423.

  • February 12  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.
  • February 18-21  National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Nashville, TN.

  • February 28-31  National Association of Secretaries of State Winter Conference, at Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, Washington, DC

  • February 20  “President’s Day”
  • February 20-24 Congressional President’s Day recess.
  • February 22  Ash Wednesday.
  • February 22  George Washington’s Birthday. Honor our first President & Founding Father!
  • February 22  GOP debate in Arizona.
  • February 25-26  G20 Finance Ministers meet in Mexico

    March 2012


  • March 1  GOP debate in Georgia.

  • March 2  Iranian parliamentary elections. If the people vote against the thugocracy, this could help spark a revolution.

  • March 3  Washington Caucuses.

  • March 3-6  The National Association of Counties holds their annual Legislative Conference and Lobbying Day at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. Info.

  • March 6  Super Tuesday! Primaries and caucuses in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Mass, Ohio, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming.

  • March 5-12  National Association of Attorneys General Spring Meeting Fairmont Hotel, Washington, DC.

  • March 10  Kansas Caucus.

  • March 11  53rd anniversary of Chinese brutal invasion and illegal occupation of Tibet.  Perhaps the revolutionary spirit in the Mid-East will help bring freedom to Tibet at last!

  • March 13  Hawaii Caucuses, primaries in Alabama and Mississippi.

  • March 15-16  The Council on Foreign Relations holds their annual Corporate Conference in NY.

  • March 15-17  Reagan Ranch High School Conference at the Ranch in California, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation

  • March __  The Annual Gridiron Club Dinner is held in Washington, DC at the Renaissance Washington Hotel, 999 Ninth Street NW, and President Obama may attend. This is an elitist journalist club and the event is one of the top society events in DC, featuring Hollywood and political stars and starlets. If you go, white tie please.

  • March 17  Missouri Caucuses.

  • March 17  Los Angeles March for Life.

  • March 19  GOP debate in Portland Oregon.

  • March 20  Illinois primary.

  • March 24  Louisiana primary.

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    April 2012


  • April (TBA) “Tax Freedom Day” The day you stop slaving for government taxes and begin to earn for you and your family. Info.

  • April is Civil War History Month in Virginia, by proclamation by Gov. McDonnell.

  • April (TBA)  National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

  • April 1  Iranian ‘National Day and Revolution Day.’ Expect more protests to end the regime. 

  • April 2-13  Congressional Easter Recess

  • April 6  Good Friday.

  • April 6-14  Passover.

  • April 8  Easter Sunday.

  • April 13-15  The Philadelphia Society holds their meeting.

  • April 15-16  Herman Cain’s big 9-9-9 tax plan demonstration at the US Capitol

  • April 21-22  Annual Meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Tokyo, Japan.

  • April 13  Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday.

  • April 15  Tax Horror Day. Work for the day when April 15 is just another pretty spring day–abolish the income tax. Tea Party events, protest events and street theater are encouraged.

  • April 15  Possible Tea Party and election events on the theme of taxation.

  • Got a Tax Day tea party or tax-related event? We’ll list it here!

  • April 20-22  Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C. Info.

  • April 18-21  Constitution Party National Convention, Nashville, TN.

  • April 18  The Annual Shad Planking–a great Virginia political tradition. Wakefield Sportsmen’s Club, 12205 Brittles Mill Road, Wakefield, VA.

  • April 22  Expect protests and phony science to be in the media on the annual “Earth Day.” Obama might even use the occasion to announce executive orders to make home heating, energy and driving more expensive.

  • April 12-15  National Rifle Association (NRA) holds their annual meeting in Saint Louis.

  • April 28  White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC. President Obama may speak and this is a major ‘high society’ event; political and Hollywood stars will attend and show off. Black tie. Info

    May 2012


  • May 3  UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day Info

  • May 2  Congress returns from Easter recess.

  • May 2-6  Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.

  • May 5  51st Anniversary of America’s first man in space, Alan Shepard.

  • May 5?  The Annual NORTHERNVIRGINIAGOP.COM Kentucky Derby Day Fundraiser.  Info:

  • May 10  Canadian March for Life – Ottawa, Ontario. Info:

  • May 11-12  2012 American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Spring Task Force Summit, Charlotte, NC.

  • May (TBA)  Washington DC Embassy tours:

  • May 19  Armed Forces Day.
  • May 18-19  Andrews AFB, Maryland Huge military Air Show! Info.
  • May 21-23  US Chamber of Commerce holds their 2012 America’s Small Business Summit “to rally for free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and economic opportunity” Info.

  • May 25  51st Anniversary of JFK’s speech to send Americans to the moon “in this decade.”

  • May 28  Memorial Day.

    June 2012


  • June  Bilderberger Annual Meeting. Who will be there?

  • June 4  The 22nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Freedom Demonstrations, and the bloody assault by the dictators. Hopefully this year, the people will win freedom.

  • June 8  The 2012 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner at the DC Convention Center. Black tie. President Obama might speak.

  • June 14  Flag Day: Honor our flag and the liberties it represents.
  • June 16  Republican Party of Virginia State Convention at the Great Richmond Convention Center.

  • June (TBA)  U.S. Conference of Mayors hold their Annual Conference.

  • June (TBA)  The National Right to Life Committee holds their annual convention. Info.

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    July 2012


  • July 2-6 Congressional Independence Day recess.
  • July 4  Independence Day.  Educate people on the importance of independence and sovereignty, and the dangers of ‘globalism,’ ‘internationalism,’ etc.
  • July 4  Leadership Institute’s annual Conservative “Soiree” in Bull Run Park, Fairfax, Virginia. Free but bring a dish to share. Info.
  • July 4  Got a major 4th of July event? We’ll post it here.
  • July (TBA)  National High School Leadership Conference in  Washington, DC, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation
  • July 11-14  Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.
  • July 15-17  National Governors Association Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.

  • July (TBA)  National Association of Counties Annual Conference.

  • July 20  43rd Anniversary of the Moon Landing by Apollo 11. Mankind’s Greatest Technical Achievement. American expertise, ingenuity and determination challenged the highest goals–and won! Now let’s return to the moon and go on to Mars!

  • July 21-22  Annual Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit, Washington DC at the Heritage Foundation. Info

  • July 24-29, Cato University, Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, MD.

  • July 25-28  2012 American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Annual meeting, Salt Lake City.

  • July 27-29  National Lieutenant Governors Assoc. Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico.

  • July (TBA)  Western Conservative Summit, Denver Marriott City Center, sponsored by the Centennial Institute.

  • August 2012

  • August (TBA) National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation

  • August (TBA)  American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Annual Meeting.

  • August 6-September 7  House August Recess: Be sure to participate in Congressional Town Hall meetings.

  • August (TBA)  National Conference of State Legislatures annual Legislative Summit.

  • August 27-30  Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

    September 2012


  • September 3-6  Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.
    September ?  Congress returns from August Recess.

  • September 11  Patriot Day & 9-11 anniversary–Never forget, never let down our guard.

  • September 12  Possible Tea Party rally in Washington DC.

  • September 17  The anniversary of the ratification of our Constitution.

  • September 17  TCC’s Annual Constitution Day Event. Washington, DC area. Details TBA. Constitution Day Info.

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    October 2012


  • Attend Campaign Events and ask tough questions and demand honest answers. Video them and put on the web.

  • October  Pro Life Memorial Day — marking the start of the new Supreme Court session. Events in DC and nationwide. 

  • October (TBA)  Values Voter Summit, Washington, DC, a large annual gathering of conservatives. Info:

  • October 10  Columbus Day: Celebrate the exciting discovery of the New World which led to the founding of the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America!

  • October 12-14  Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group in Tokyo, Japan.

  • October 16: The Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity–You take individual action, not a rally or event; see site for details. Info.

    November 2012


  • November  Virginia RPV GOP Donald Huffman Advance Event.

  • November  North American Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission

  • November (TBA)  “Defending the Dream Summit” at the Washington DC Convention Center Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

  • November 6  Election Day!

  • November 9  23rd Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall! Freedom won!

  • November  Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention will be held in Washington, DC.

  • November 22  Thanksgiving Day.

  • November 30-December 2, 2012  North American Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Washington, DC,

  • November 26-December 7  The 2012 UN globaloney ‘climate change’ conference (also called COP 18 or UNFCCC) meets in Doha, Qatar. Facts on the subject at

    December 2012


  • December 7  71th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. America must remain ever alert and willing to fight back against any and all foes.

  • December 14  Congressional target adjournment date.

  • December 8-16  Hanukkah.

  • December 16  Anniversary of the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor in 1773.

  • December 25  Christmas Day — Keep Christ in Christmas!

2013 Events

  • January 20  Inauguration Day.

  • November 5  Election day, including governor races in VA and NJ.

  • Special elections, campaign events, debates, conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, Tea Party events, town hall meetings, rallies, training conferences, lectures, global summits, protests, conventions, pro-life events, historic anniversaries and much more. 

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“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” – Gideon J. Tucker in Final Accounting in the Estate of A. B. (1866)

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