Conservatives unite to block President’s agenda

In his post-election statement, Peter Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, gave notice that conservatives across the country will unite like never before to block Obamacare and the President’s expected radical second-term agenda.

“The president’s policies in his first term resulted in an explosion of debt and unemployment, which crippled the American Dream. Now unleashed from accountability to the voters, President Obama has little restraint on using regulations, executive orders, vetoes and legislative battles to advance hard-left policies.

“Voters may rapidly regret reelecting President Obama if he carries out his threats to offer Russia more “flexibility” on disarmament, “necessarily skyrockets electric rates,” or if he signs a phony deal with Iran to lift sanctions.

“Mr. President, if you thought the Tea Party was powerful, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

“We will work to unite conservatives to help block, defund and stall every left-wing bill and regulation you support. We will not compromise on our liberty or make deals which result in advancing left-wing issues.”


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