Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate and other key points of ObamaCare is a shameful moment in constitutional history. In addition to ignoring the clear constitutional violations in the mandate, the decision will encourage this and future presidents and Congresses to force upon Americans a never-ending list of mandates. 

“Five Justices of the Supreme Court today handed President Obama a massive victory for his promise to ‘fundamentally transformAmerica.’  By upholding the mandate, the Court creates a dangerous precedent to impose unlimited mandates on the American people for virtually any purpose,” said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus. 

A “living constitution” is the recipe for tyranny,” Mr. Thomas warned, “and in today’s decision, Chief Justice Roberts compromised with liberal Justices to preserve the mandate many believe is unconstitutional.” 

Due to this decision, conservatives must work harder than ever for complete repeal of ObamaCare.  We must also demand conservatives in both the House and Senate vote for full repeal, and in drafting a GOP reform bill not seek compromises with Democrats which would only trim off a few elements. Drafting a conservative reform bill should best wait until January when a more conservative House and Senate may be seated. 

A true reform bill would actually lower costs, restore consumer choice, and get government out of managing our health care. 

TCC has analyzed some elements which a successful plan should include:

  1. A universal tax credit or voucher sufficient for all Americans to buy a solid health insurance package (exempting initially, Medicare, the VA, and companies who still want to keep their plans for workers).
  2. Create a national market where individuals can buy from any insurance company.
  3. Changes to insurance company practices (no cherry picking, etc.).
  4. Common-sense tort reform.
  5. Allowing companies of any size to pool their employees to get lower premiums (buy like Sam Walton did).
  6. Support for health savings accounts, which provide incentives for not using insurance for trivial health concerns.

Rather than accept this defeat, this must become a rallying cry for conservatives. We can repeal ObamaCare. 

The Conservative Caucus rejects the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution on ObamaCare.


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